Ever look into the mirror and wonder what on earth should I wear?

I have the distinct pleasure and honor to travel this wondrous country to meet, dress, and assist clients from a variety of demographics on behalf of the Tadashi Shoji brand.  For several years now, I have worked closely with our retail partners and hosted countless events to highlight the latest and greatest style offerings from Tadashi Shoji. I am happy to now have the opportunity to share my thoughts with our online audience.  Perhaps I will even have the opportunity to meet you in person during my travels!

I often enjoy pointing out how Tadashi’s artistry and modern, timeless touch take shape for numerous body types. We’ve noted them in our online Fit Guide as: Straight, Pear, Hourglass, Apple, and Full Bust.  You will also find how each of these classifications is derived. This guide is a terrific tool in helping clients put their best foot forward!

The Straight:  This woman need only decide what type of look or statement she desires to make. She can complement the natural lines of her body with a close fitting style, or she can create curves with an A-line or ruched garment.  A sophisticated sheath dress like this laser cut neoprene style (AGD1724M) would complement the former, while it’s A-line sister (AGD1723M) would render interesting contrasts for the latter. 

The Pear:  She may wish to focus on the top section of her body to provide balance. I like to suggest cap sleeved dresses like this pin tucked neoprene and lace paneled one (AGD1729M).  This particular style uses unique pin tucking to ensure a beautiful silhouette, while the cap sleeve provides a strong feminine shoulder emphasis.

The Hourglass: Styles that glide along the body look terrific on her. I have had fun working with style (ACZ1694M).  Even though this dress seems an unlikely choice for this body type, to my surprise and delight, the Hourglass was transformed in it!  The fabrication, V-neckline and exposed top to bottom zipper in the back, work in unison to provide a very cool and youthful edge.  Women have told me that they feel empowered in this dress.

The Apple: I love a dress like the blouson for the Apple body type. Best sellers (3K1545L and 3K1545M) feature Tadashi’s signature use of re-embroidered lace. The styling details create a waistline and achieves balance with it’s A-line bottom proportion. 

The Full Bust: Many women I have met who have a Full Bust wish to minimize. Styles like (AKU1651M) and (ALD1689L) create interest elsewhere on the body. They feature A-line silhouettes and on one, a dare to bare draped back. On occasion, I have met others who want all to see their beautiful décolletage, and why not!  I’d run, not walk, to a V-neck or halter style such as (AKH1675L) or (ALD1688LX).   

Ladies, I’d like to take a moment to implore you to embrace your natural beauty and celebrate the fact that Tadashi Shoji provides eye catching looks that ensure you are perfectly outfitted.  Nowadays, I believe fashion rules are meant to be toyed with. Try those sequins even though you’ve always eschewed shine. Try on that dress with the boat neck even though you may think that neckline is not for you.  You just might be pleasantly surprised and a new discovery can be most rewarding!  Until we chat again, remember to highlight your body’s assets and give mental hugs to all the rest!

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