For Pre-Fall 2016, Tadashi Shoji found inspiration in the works of artist Henri Rousseau. One of Rousseau’s earlier works is the 1886 painting titled “Carnival Evening.” Surreal and dreamlike, the work depicts two figures dressed in carnival outfits. We love the idea of finding ways to translate works of art to present day. Why not celebrate the mysteriousness and joy of carnival by hosting your own Masquerade Ball?  Here are some elements to keep in mind:


Party Central

Vogue posted this feature on how to create a masquerade ball for your wedding. Steal some of their ideas for your own. We love the suspended candle arrangement and the stationary from fine wallpaper to use as your invitations.



Make Your Mask

Martha Stewart is the queen of the DIY. This feature details how you can construct your own feather mask. For your party, insist that your guests were a mask. Make it easier for them by stocking an assortment of fashion masks by the entrance for easy access.


Party Make-up Tutorial

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge is known for her easy-to-follow videos. In this one, she gives step-by-step instructions on how to create glamorous makeup for your costume party.



The Final Touch

Now that you have your mask and makeup ready, what you wear will complete the look. A masquerade ball is all about seduction. Play up the fantasy with gowns in wild colors and plunging necklines.