It is the moment just before sun sets when the light dances upon the Grand Canal. The light is softer now, illuminating the shimmering waterway, reflecting the facade of the Ca’ d’Oro. Built on water and steeped in beauty, the Golden Palace of Venice is our destination.

This Spring, intricate detailing is paired with playful transparencies. Insets of chain mesh on tulle ornament the bodices and sleeves & multi-colored jeweled embellishments are inspired by Millefiori glass. Sheer mesh necklines give the illusion of floating dresses. Softly sculpted silhouettes are introduced with unexpected twists. Floor-length gowns are constructed with capes attached. Dresses, cut from bonded spacer mesh, are both structured and airy.

The colors of the city inspire the palette. Glowing pastels of frosted jade, pink shadow, and blue stone are built up in translucent layers, while the brilliant ultramarine blues of Venetian lagoons are paired with ivory and navy. Fabrics are custom-designed. Motif-embroidered tulles are inspired by Gothic architectural details of the Ca’ d’Oro. Floral motif lace is hand-tinted by bonding chiffon pieces to the back of lace.

With the promise of an evening of enchantment, a Venetian dreamscape awaits.