For the first time ever, the picturesque small town of Wuzhen, just two hours west of Shanghai, played host to the first ever Wuzhen International Contemporary Art Exhibition. The exhibit featured 40 influential artists from 15 countries including Marina Abramovic, Damien Hirst, and Araki Nobuyoshi. Not one to miss such a major show, Tadashi Shoji visited the site to see the 130 pieces of art himself. Here are just some artists that caught his eye.

Antti Laitinen

Finnish artist Antti Laitinen is known for his performance and sculptural pieces. For Wuzhen, he had a camphor tree planted on the site. Titled “Armor,” the work featured an old tree encircled with steel sheets. Perhaps it is a statement of protecting the old, or forging nature with that of modernity?


Wu Junyong

The Chinese artist Wu Junyong lives and works in Hangzhou. Using video animation and paintings, Junyong’s works tackle Chinese society and politics with a bit of dark humor. For this exhibit, he presented “Thousands of Moon,” a nine-screen animation inspired by a line of poetry: “Water flows through a thousand rivers, a thousand rivers reflect the moon.”


Song Dong

Established Beijing-based artist Song Dong is known for his work in performance and video art, photography, theater, and sculpture. For Wuzhen, he displayed the installation art “Avenue Square,” a kaleidoscope of visual lights and manipulated mirrors.


Yin Xiuzhen

Chinese sculpture and installation artist Yin Xiuzhen is a leading female figure in Chinese contemporary art. Her “Introspective Cavity” is a cavernous installation made of used clothes, stainless steel and mirrors.