Primordial desire is at foot. 

Distant music sounds out rhythmic beats. Vocals, hypnotic and rolling, beckon us to a new part of the city. This kingdom only exists for one night. 

A tattoo parlor has been transformed into a dressmaking atelier. Scarification artists have abandoned their inscription tools to take up embroidery needles. The brushes of tribal body painters sew textures of sequined geometries. 

The permanent is made temporary. 



Serpentine lines wrap the body with seductions of inked adornment. Fabric, pierced with obsidian-hued gemstones and titanium hardware, glitters on the skin. 

Modern Primitive is effortless. Our Tribal Beauty transforms with one-zip body beautification. 

Fall 2016 is a remix of body ornamentation. 

Primal Beats. Gather your Tribe. The Night is Young.