At the intersection between aircraft mechanics and winged flight, we find our muse piloting the avian highways, inspired by the joy of flight.
The spinning wings of propellers start to hum. Metal gears begin their rotational motion. Mechanical wings of flying machines take to the air. Painted with the ivory brushstrokes of windswept clouds, the skies sparkle today. Birds glide majestically, dancing on air currents with graceful wingbeats.
Ethereal silhouettes evoke a feeling of weightlessness. Aerodynamic seaming inspirits movement. With wings outstretched, air gusts lift the birds further in flight. As if mussed by the wind, feathers of frayed-edge silk organza and hand-cut tulle create lighter-than-air gowns and floor-length capes. Dipping to dreamier depths, aerial views inspire the textures of custom-designed jacquards. 
Airplane mechanics influence allover metallic embroideries of copper, gold, and silver burnish luxe knits, while feathered-wing motifs can be found in sheer laces and tactile embellishments. A monochromatic palette of black, ivory, and navy transitions to semiopaque hues created from bicolor layering of diaphanous tulles.
Soaring into the upper reaches of the atmosphere, free from the forces of gravity, orbiting the uncharted skies, our Sky Voyager finds her bliss.

Tadashi Shoji Fall 2015