The Tadashi Shoji Fall 2014 collection fashion show takes you on a mystic journey through time and history. From the moment the lights dim, the entrancing music begins to envelop the audience and majestic piece after majestic piece emerges onto the catwalk. From whimsical evening gowns to designer cocktail dresses, the inspiration behind the designs is seamlessly translated from the Moorish architecture of yesteryear to the breathtaking frocks that grace the stage.

If we take an even closer look, what was the real meaning or reasoning behind the cohesive look we ended up with for Fall 2014?  Well, have you ever visited the Alhambra in Granada, Spain? It’s a palace and fortress where the architecture boasts arabesques, calligraphy, elaborate archways, detailed ceilings and other ornate details specific to the Moorish dominion within Spain. Or maybe you have had a chance to travel to the Hotel La Mamounia in Marrakech, Morocco. With a decade to go before its 100th year in operation, this enchanting luxury hotel also possesses the character of older times yet captures the art of modernity simultaneously. If you haven’t yet had the chance to experience these destinations in person, our collection takes you there, offering you a glimpse, almost as though the walls of the buildings have been transferred to our designs. If you have been to either or, or both of the locations, you are immediately overcome with a nostalgia, taking you back to romantic nights, Moorish themes and a connection to the past.

Bridging the gap between antiquity and modernity is easy when inspired by our au courant woman. Not only is she knowledgeable in contemporary trends and news, she carries herself with confidence. She knows about history and is aware of the world she is living in. She holds her head up high and walks around with a sureness to match.

Tadashi focused on the intricate details. Influenced by Moorish architecture, all fabrics were designed and developed in-house by Tadashi and his design team. In terms of color, he chose to illustrate the specific appearance of painted tilework found in Moorish palaces, making them saturated and bright.

The mission was accomplished in creating dresses that speak to the past, while also embracing the present. The combination of Moorish inspiration and the modern detail also show up in the romanticism, freshness and healthy glow of our models’ hair, skin and makeup, respectively. You never really know where a designer’s inspiration will live and that actually begs the question, what does Tadashi Shoji have in mind for our next season’s collection? Stay tuned!