Like the canvas to the painter, empty sheet music to the composer and the subject and backdrop to the photographer, so are the models to the fashion designer. When designing the collection, the ideas, visions and two-dimensional sketches come to life once the samples are placed on live bodies, the fashion models. There is something magical that happens when the pairing is just right. Designer Tadashi Shoji showed his Fall 2014 collection during New York Fashion Week and after seeing the show, it’s evident that these stunning creations are compatible with the female form. From designer cocktail dresses to elegant evening gowns, it’s the model who invites the admirer to appreciate each beautifully romantic piece and to go the step further in envisioning what it might be like to saunter around in each one themselves! And if the viewer is in love with the designs and dream of adorning their bodies with one (or many!), they’ll take comfort in knowing that Tadashi is inspired by women of all sizes, nationalities and ages. So, just who were these models he used in order to connect the vision of Tadashi Shoji? Let us introduce you to some of the enchanting ladies:

Juliana Schurig strolled out with a confidence that made each dress unapologetically cool. Her captivating stride is what resonates with the confident woman; the woman who is looking to for the option of looking feminine and romantic, but who also will be able to complement that with the do-it-yourself hairstyles and fresh makeup - A woman who is carries herself confidently.

Josephine Le Tutour has a look that combines a fresh-faced youth with subtle hints of undeniable yet humble elegance. Sometimes it’s a certain je ne sais quoi in the face of the model that relays the message the designer is trying to deliver to his or her audience. Josephine inspired Tadashi in that her fresh, natural beauty is the perfect pairing for any dress!

One of the beautiful things, again, about our Fall 2014 collection is that even in the realm of modeling and fashion, Tadashi knows how to create a diverse selection of exquisite designs, offering a variety of feminine silhouettes that are curve-friendly. Tian Yi is a fine example of this. Her hourglass shape allows more shapely women to enjoy the representation of their body type, making them more open to considering those figure-friendly designs for a cocktail party or an elegant night out.

Yumi Lambert, whom you may recall from our Pre-Fall 2014 campaign, also brings something different to the runway. It didn’t only catch Tadashi’s eye; it captured his funny bone! Yumi knows how to make people laugh and that is another layer to the woman Tadashi dresses. Humor is something that connects Yumi to the audience because even though she’s not telling jokes as she walks the runway, her presence is light and flirty. It works.

Our show’s models offered a spectrum not only in appearance, but in the various characteristics they exuded. Each characteristic was a match for the everyday woman from confident to seductive and feminine to bold. Each nationality and age range offered a place for every woman to feel welcome and to feel that her body shape and size is being considered at the top of the designing process. That says a lot - not only about him as a designer - but also about the woman in mind for his designs.