When it comes to traveling, wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could just snap our fingers and transport our entire closet from destination to destination? When we don’t want to leave a single stylish piece behind, sometimes that is how our suitcases end up looking. The solution, however, is to take key items, while traveling lightly. With an infinite amount of comfortable and stylish dresses available, it’s quite easy to find show-stopping, yet lightweight options. If you are really strategic about it, you can take more than just a few dresses. Styles that are versatile, fashionable, easy to fold, and allow for efficient use of space when packed; it’s all in the hunt for the perfect travel dress.

Tadashi Shoji’s dresses are perfect for the jetsetter in you. From the colors, textures and versatility, to the overall look of each dress, you are sure to find just what you need for your next trip. Traveling for business? Transition easily from day to night in the Guipure Lace Dress. This designer day dress, paired with a blazer for the morning office meeting, can swiftly become a sophisticated stunner at a client dinner. The lace detail gives this shift dress the right amount of personality for both types of appointments. The lace also helps when packing it away, as it offers a fold that will less likely leave indentations in the fabric.


Are your travels for a wedding? You can certainly attend the nuptials wearing our Cutout Jersey Boatneck Cocktail Dress. The designer cocktail dress has some swing to it, making it easy and breezy for an afternoon gathering. It then doubles up as a fun and festive, figure-flattering look surely not to be missed on the reception dance floor! Because of its jersey material, this one can easily be folded, making it readily available to grab from your bag upon arrival.


For good measure, add an elegant evening dress like the gorgeous Pintuck Jersey One Shoulder Gown. It’s always nice to be prepared for any formal occasion that may pop up unexpectedly. The gown is long but as long as it is kept in a garment bag and carefully folded, you will be good to go!


Our Pintuck Paneled Sheath Dress is perfect for the voyager who is hopping to the other coast for an honoree award ceremony. It’s sleek, smart and makes a statement. This is another style that would travel well. To save space, try folding it inward, since it is made out of neoprene, it is less likely to wrinkle.


Once you are set on your travel dress choices, there are ways to make sure you get them to your destination in the best condition possible. Make sure you place your dress at the top of the suitcase, so it’s not weighed down. Also keep it in a garment bag and “interfold” the dress, in the bag, so that the dress is enveloping the other items, perhaps the pants, and avoiding wrinkles. The last thing to do is - relax! Begin to free your mind and know that you have everything you need in your suitcase! You are going to have safe travels while feeling great and looking fashionable! Bon voyage!