March is Women’s History Month. The National Women’s History Project is an organization that promotes women as leaders and influential forces in our society. This year, they are celebrating Women of Character, Courage and Commitment,  a theme that fits hand in hand with the message of the Tadashi Shoji brand. As a complement to the strength of character, courage and commitment, Tadashi Shoji believes that every woman deserves to feel confident, comfortable and gorgeous. When a woman feels all of these things on the inside, it exudes outside of her as she projects these characteristics to the world. What are some of the things involved in our brand that align with the woman we speak of?

Regardless what type of shape or size a woman is, she deserves to feel genuinely self-assured, comfortable and beautiful. When authentically believed and felt on the inside, it’s a feeling that allows a woman to function in the world at her highest potential. It’s no secret that when you look good, you feel good! Tadashi makes sure the designs deliver just that. Techniques in draping, ruching and shutter pleats ensure figure-flattering dresses, for all figures. By selectively choosing fabrics with stretch that provide the perfect balance of comfort and luxury. Tadashi also carefully chooses embroidered laces, featherweight tulles, and luxe jerseys that result in his signature look. The resulting work of art is a favorite for women, especially when they can slip on a designer cocktail dress or an elegant evening gown – perfecting the blend of red-carpet glamour without the fuss.

Through his spectrum of styles and unique designing ingenuity, Tadashi allows women to feel their best, during their most memorable moments, by making gowns in tune with their confidence levels, making them comfortable to be who they are, in their own skin. That, to us, is simply beautiful.

The Tadashi woman has depth of character, a heart of courage and is undoubtedly committed to the life she leads and the endeavors she pursues. She is the leader in the boardroom, the brains behind the new technological app, the burgeoning philanthropic Project Manager, the multi-tasking stay-at-home mom, and everything along the spectrum. She is an independent thinker and doer and her confidence emanates wherever she goes. The Tadashi woman knows how to move seamlessly through her days with strength and innovative ideas, yet also knows how to make a statement without saying a word. The Tadashi woman makes the Tadashi dress.

And so, during the month of March, even though our goal is to create for the everyday woman every day, we take particular care to honor, celebrate and recognize women around the globe. In celebrating women of character, courage and commitment, we look at our dresses as the complimentary attire they put on to go out into the world. Our brand celebrates these women who, with poise, direction and drive, continue to celebrate themselves. A confident, beautiful woman knows who she is on the inside and Tadashi Shoji is a master at matching that inner zest with the perfect designs, textures, and tailoring so that they present themselves in the best way possible. Happy Women’s History Month!